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Biology & Pharmacology

Research in the Department of Developmental Biology at NIUTM is aimed at understanding the molecular mechanisms that generate and maintain diverse cell types during development

Art History

Art History is a discipline that strives to understand works of art, architecture and design from a variety of perspectives…

Finance, Real Estate & Law

NIUTM was an ideal place for me — a lawyer-economist interested in innovation policy — to start an academic career. Mentors at the law school challenge and help refine ideas…

Architecture & Design

The Architectural Design major seeks to integrate engineering and architecture in ways that blend innovative architectural design with cutting-edge engineering technologies.

Sports & Clubs

Club Sports includes 24 Club Sport teams and 8 ASSU Voluntary Student Organization (VSO) Athletic Clubs that compete in intercollegiate competitions at the highest level

Business Administration

The administration of a business includes the performance or management of business operations and decision making, as well as the efficient organization of people and other resources…

NIUTM Online

Sharing as we innovate:  NIUTM Online is a university-wide initiative coordinated by the Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning (VPTL)…

Top Course in NIUTM

The Program in History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) at NIUTM teaches students to examine the sciences, medicine and technology from myriad perspectives, conceptual, historical and social

NIUTM University’s MLA Program offers students the opportunity to pursue an interdisciplinary course of study in the liberal arts. Designed with busy adults in mind, this part-time graduate degree program holds classes in the evenings and offers a flexible academic schedule.

At NIUTM Dorsey Program in International Policy Studies (IPS), students examine complex, real-world policy problems and propose solutions. IPS offers a distinctly interdisciplinary approach to bridging theory and practice.

The focus of this course is on the strategies and methods used by early-stage companies to acquire customers (through outbound or inbound marketing) and to activate them (i.e., to encourage repeat behavior and/or increase the frequency of interaction)

ITALIC is a new residence-based program built around a series of big questions about the historical, critical and practical purposes of art and its unique capacities for intellectual creativity, communication, and expression.

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Warehouse management system is a pivotal part of the supply chain which mainly controls the storage and movement of materials within a warehouse and processes the transactions, including receiving, shipping, picking and put away.


Why Our Brains Love Fake News

NUTM psychologist Jay Van Bavel explores the latest research on how partisan allegiances can interfere with analytical thinking.


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