management psychology

What is the relevance of psychology to management?

A definition of psychology is the characteristics of a functioning brain whose ultimate function was to control behavior. From this we can see that there is a definite relevance of psychology to management. This is because if the management can control people’s behavior then their staff may become more productive and therefore this will be beneficial to the company. To try to prove this I will use various psychologists’ opinions on the matter. These opinions will try to show how psychology has got relevance to management. There maybe be flaws in these opinions however which I will also show. However, to do this I will need to show what a manager’s role can include and where they could use psychology to help them achieve these roles. A manager of an organization will have various tasks. Their main objective will be to make sure that the day to day running of the business goes smoothly. To do this they will have to know various things about their staff and also about psychological techniques that they can use This gives women a safety buffer against harassment by any one man in a dominant position. Gilbreth always thought that workers should share in any greater profit, which resulted from the increase in productivity. She was also concerned with increasing quality of life. By doing this she was convinced that refining the motions used to do a job would not only make the worker more productive, it would reduce fatigue and therefore increase enjoyment of life. Shelley Toich also agrees with this. When a worker spends long hours at work they may miss possible ‘happiness minutes’ in life. By working long hours, stress and fatigue levels would be very high which may result in poor work or less productivity. People who work long hours may miss social actives, which is an important part of life and also may not spend much time with their families, which to most is instrumental to happiness. In 1960 a psychologist named Douglas McGregor came up with ideas about managerial behavior. These ideas had a profound effect on management thinking and practice. McGregor defined assumptions that he felt underpinned the practices and stances of managers in relation to employees. Two sets of propositions were dubbed Theory X and Y I think that it is fair to say that management uses psychology in all sorts of ways when treating the workforce. So therefore we can presume that psychology has quite a high relevance to management. Of course most managers would probably only look at these psychologist’s opinions in their research and not use them as a guideline how to manage people as not all people are the same and everyone is an individual. There are many types of psychology that management can use and this essay has covered a few of them but on the whole management may use little bits of different psychologists work but on the whole managers like to be individual and choose their own methods on how to control the people that are working for them. If they were to use Theory X and Theory Y for example they will probably find that there may be lots of unhappy workers no matter what theory they used. Some people like to be supervised and others like to be praised if they do tasks successful so if they went for one theory it will make some people pleased and give others dissatisfaction.

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