Finance and Administration

The Mission of the Department of Finance and Administration is to provide sound fiscal advice and problem solving support to the Governor, provide budget direction and fiscal oversight to state agencies and local governments so as to ensure a positive impact on the daily lives of all New Mexico Citizens and ensure every tax dollar is spent wisely.

The Department of Finance and Administration believes fiscal discipline is the key to responsible government. The department is committed to sound fiscal management practices and ensuring accountability in the use of taxpayer dollars.

In the coming year, the Department of Finance and Administration will:

  • Provide training and technical support to local governments and non-profit service providers on division programs and fiscal management
  • Produce reliable tools and processes for the end-users of SHARE that produce desirable, predictable results
  • Research, analyze and contribute timely policy recommendations
  • Provide valuable information about education reform
  • Support local governments and state agencies through the timely processing of pay requests
  • Provide timely review and processing of fiscal and contractual documents

These efforts will maximize the resources that go “out the door” in direct services to the citizens of New Mexico. Through budget development and fiscal monitoring, the department will work to support the Martinez Administration..